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  1. 1 RavenEyE 31 enero 2009 a las 01:58

    Qué cara de vicioso…
    ¿Será realmente yogur?

  2. 2 icuteflowerz 24 febrero 2011 a las 03:06

    I have read somewhere that electronic cigarettes are the best altenative for smoking and will even help you quit this really bad habit. Now me and my husband we are desperate for a solution on stopping smoking and we have relatives that got cancer from them and I really can’t tell you the horror behind those scenes when someone you care for knows their days are set up in a countdown.
    Not sure if this is the best place to ask for this kind of advice but would really love some help from you — especially regarding the electronic cigarettes – like if you have used them how much did they helped you stop or did you even bought them for quitting or just as a replacement for real cigars. Reading though the web I have heard so many different oppinions and just can’t find a thruthfull review reagrding this matter.
    Anyway, regardless of the e-cigarettes , I need any other fast solution that can help me and my husband get over this addiction.
    Thank you all.

  3. 3 bugaboo 23 marzo 2011 a las 02:58

    Bugaboo,The blog help me solve my problem. Thank you very much. May you happy everyday!

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